In order to give the bread a full flavour, it is advisable to use a sourdough. You can buy a ready-to-eat dry sourdough in the nature shop or make it yourself. This is not difficult but requires some patience.

What does sourdough do
The sourdough is a starter that you can use for every bread you bake, it helps the bread rise. A basic sourdough starter consists of wheat flour or wheat flour and water. The mixture is left to stand for long enough, at room temperature, so that a natural fermentation takes place. The sourdough doubles in volume. Then you ‘feed’ it again with more flour and water and it doubles in volume again. Because you never use your entire supply of sourdough when baking a loaf of bread, you can continue to feed the same sourdough over and over again. This way, the taste becomes more and more fuller.

Sourdough recipe
Take a pot of more than a litre.
Mix 300 ml of lukewarm water, 300 grams of wheat flour and 1 tablespoon of honey in this jar.
Cover the opening of the jar with a piece of kitchen foil.
Leave to stand for two days, outside the fridge.
Try to use organic flour because this is less clean than supermarket flour and will promote bacterial growth. Make sure the pot is in a nice and warm place. In the two days you will see that the sourdough will bubble and become frothy.

On day three you add 100 ml of lukewarm water and 100 grams of wheat flour, mix and cover again with kitchen foil.
Leave the jar outside the fridge.

On day four, add another 100 ml of lukewarm water and 100 grams of wheat flour, mix and cover again. Leave the pot for another day.
You can bake the bread on day five.
You don’t use the whole sourdough, if you keep it in the fridge and feed it again every three days, you can use it again later. Take it out of the fridge the evening before you start using it, feed it again with 100 ml of lukewarm water and 100 grams of wheat flour and leave it covered outside the fridge for one night.

The bread (recipe for two light brown sourdough breads)
This first recipe has in addition to sourdough also a support of is for rising. This gives you a light and tasty bread.

Mix 1 sachet of dried yeast with 625 grams of flour (preferably ‘strong flour’, or flour for bread).
Add 500 ml of the sourdough and 300 ml of lukewarm water.
You can do this in the food processor or by hand on the counter. If you mix by hand, make a ring of the flour and add the sourdough mixture in the middle. Mix more and more of the flour into the dough. If all the flour is just wet, let the dough rest for about 20 minutes.

Then add two tablespoons salt and possibly two tablespoons honey. Knead the dough until you have a nice elastic dough, this takes about 15 minutes by hand. In the machine you are finished with two minutes.